Peptide Duo ( Dark Circle Eraser Serum Plus Gel Eye Patch )


  • Peptide Duo is the perfect Duo Combination to deal with your under-eye issues such as Dark Circles, Puffiness and Bags.
  • The combination of both product will provide rapid recovery and results !
  • Read the product discription accordingly on website for the relevant product in details !

Dark Circle Eraser ( Peptide Serum )

Quantity : 15ml
Targets :
✔️ Dark Cirles
✔️ Under Eye Puffiness
✔️ Under Eye Wrinkles
✔️ Reduce Under Eye Dryness and Roughness
Suitable for : For All Skin types
❗️Shake well before use.
🔰 Absolutely Non Irritant Ingredients
The serum has high-end formulation and attested on different skins, it is safe to use for every skin and in pregnancy as well.
Do not wait to get your hands on this one because in this season you gotta have it!!

Gel Eye Patches ( Hot and Cool Patch )

Gel Eye Patch :  For those who don't know, the gel eye mask is an eye mask filled with a soothing gel that's designed to reduce puffy eyes and dark circles
Gel eye patches can give multiple benefits depending upon the way you use it !
  • Gel Eye Patch can target following :
  • Reduce Dark Circles
  • Reduce Under Eye Puffiness & Bags
  • Relief from Headaches such as Migraine
  • Relief from Stress
Precaution: Do not overheat the product while warming in microwave, Do not share the product with any person to maintain good hygienic conditions.  P.s: Random Design will be given