Peeling Expert ( Glycolic Acid Serum )


Quantity : 15ml
• Peeling Expert – Glycolic Acid Serum •
Targets :
  • Anti-aging: It smooths fine wrinkles and improves the skin’s tone and texture.
  • Hydration: It plumps the skin and prevents it from getting dry.
  • Sun damage: It fades dark patches caused by sun damage and protects collagen from the sun.
  • Complexion: It brightens the skin when used regularly.
  • Exfoliation: It prevents ingrown hairs and makes pores appear smaller by helping the skin shed dead skin cells.
  • Acne: It cleans out pores to prevent comedones, blackheads, and inflamed breakouts.
Suitable for All Skin types
❗️Always apply Sunscreen/Sunblock After Application.
❗️Shake well before use.
🔰 Absolutely Non Irritant Ingredients
The serum has high-end formulation and attested on different skins, it is safe to use for every skin and in pregnancy as well.
Do not wait to get your hands on this one because in this season you gotta have it!!
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