Glow Booster ( Hyaluronic Acid Serum )


Quantity : 15ml
• GLOW BOOSER – Hyaluronic Acid Serum •
Targets :
✔️ Helps Hyderating Skin
✔️ Keeps Skin Moisturized
✔️ Gives Instant Glow
✔️ Reduce Sagginess of Skin
✔️ Tighten up Skin
✔️ Gives Boundy Look to skin
✔️ Helps promotion of new Cells
✔️Reduces appearance of Fine lines and Wrinkles by helping skin look tighter and glowing
Suitable for All Skin types
❗️Always apply Sunscreen/Sunblock After Application.
❗️Shake well before use.
🔰 Absolutely Non Irritant Ingredients
The serum has high-end formulation and attested on different skins, it is safe to use for every skin and in pregnancy as well.
Do not wait to get your hands on this one because in this season you gotta have it!!